Interesting facts about Zurich

The synonym of Swiss perfection, nestled in the Alps, Zurich offers so much more behind it’s classically punctual and polished front. Here is a list of inspiring and fun things you didn’t know about Zurich.

zurich panorama

1. Zurich is not the capital of Switzerland, though many may think so

It’s Bern! But Zurich is the largest city of this country. Though the city itself has 400 000 residents, it is often packed with tourists, so it is wise to plan your trip and accommodation ahead of time.


2. In Switzerland, you can spell Zurich six different ways:

  • Zurich – French (and English) spelling
  • Zurigo – Italian spelling
  • Turitg – Romansh spelling
  • Zürich – German spelling
  • Zuerich – German spelling without the umlaut
  • Züri – The city’s nickname in Swiss German


3. Albert Einstein attended the University of Zurich, where he later became professor.

Artists, scientists, political visionaries - Zurich has been home to some of the greatest and most original minds of the last century or two. You can follow their footsteps, see many of the houses they lived and worked in, the graves where they are laid to rest and with a bit of imagination feel what Zurich felt like for them.


4. According to the World Happiness Report Switzerland is the happiest place in the world…

...and Zurich was recognized as the city with the best quality of life in the world, 7 years in a row! And why is that?

  • Their public transportation is on time, tidy and clean, so they never worry about commuting.
  • Nature starts at their doorsteps.
  • Those with a Swiss work contract enjoy four to five weeks of paid vacation per year.

5. There are 1200 fountains in the city of Zurich!

Some of them showcase historical figures and interesting designs. Also, there are more breweries per capita in the small country of Switzerland than anywhere else in the world!

Zurich fountain

6. In medieval times, women held the most political power in the region.

Yet in Europe, the last jurisdiction to grant women the right to vote was the Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden, in 1991. Women in Switzerland obtained the right to vote at federal level in 1971, and at local cantonal level between 1959 and 1991.


7. Zurich hosts the largest techno street party in Europe

Year after year, the most colourful house and techno parade in the world fascinates hundreds of thousands of dance fans from every continent. The Street Parade is still a demonstration of love, peace, freedom, generosity and tolerance.Each year, the Street Parade plays an important role not only in generating enthusiasm for electronic music and art, which has now become a well-established cultural area; it also continues to provide important impulses to encourage diversity in music and in club life. If you would like to be a part of it, plan your trip to Switzerland with Polazak!

Zurich street party

8. The City of Zurich is the proud owner of the largest church clock face in Europe

If you are looking for free things to do in Zurich, take a walk and look at St Peter’s Church located in the heart of the Old Town. With a diameter of 8.64m, the dials of this Zurich landmark hold the record for Europe’s largest church timepiece — for now.

Zurich clock St Peter's church

9. Lake Zurich has frozen over twice in recent history

Within the last century, Lake Zurich froze over twice completely in 1929 and in the winter of 1962–1963. Nevertheless, on several occasions, the Swiss made the most of the cold by setting up spontaneous winter fairs out on the ice. Talk about a winter wonderland. Another charming fact: when the temperature is low at Zurich zoo, the keepers take the emperor penguins for a walk around.

10. Zurich City houses more than 12 Museums

...and some of them are most famous such as Kunsthaus Zürich, Swiss National Museum, Rietberg Museum, Museum of Design etc. It also has a museum dedicated to nothing!

It’s called the No Show Museum and its mission is to show that in the course of the 20th century, 'nothing' has become an equally distinctive aesthetic category like the beautiful, the ugly or the absurd. The artistic examination of the (non) phenomenon 'nothing' has questioned traditional practices of art production and lead to new possibilities of spatial, temporal and material interpretation.


And there you have it! If this list intrigued you about Zurich, hurry up and book your ticket now. WIth Polazak you no longer have to wait in line to get your bus ticket to Switzerland! Happy travels!

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