1. What is Polazak?

Polazak is a journey planner and online bus ticket shopping platform, which makes you simply available:

  • Bus timetables in Serbia and Montenegro (international, intercity...)
  • Train timetables in Serbia and Montenegro
  • Online booking and ticketing (international routes only)
  • BG:voz timetables (Belgrade urban rail)
Polazak.com is not a tour operator. It is the independent platform that offers you faster and simplier approach to the information and services of the registered tour operators. All information and services are available under the same conditions as the operators offers them.

2. Is it the same price of the tickets booked online on Polazak and offline at the bus station or any other official ticket office?

Yes. The tickets on Polazak are available at the same price and under the same terms as the operators offers them in any official ticket office.


3. Is the shown ticket price, next to the departure, total or I can expect some additional fees?

The ticket price, which you see next to the departure, is final and there are no additional or hidden costs on Polazak. Note that prices are usually different for a different passenger category (child, pupil, adult). Some bus stations charge the passengers for the usage fee, which is not included in the ticket price. For more details, we recommend to contact the stations.  


4. How to register and why?

Registration on web site Polazak is simple and useful for travelers, with the help of registration instructions. As a registered user, you can save your favorite routes, look for your search history, keep the track of your previously booked tickets and book the new ticket faster than unregistered users. Also, as a registered user, you can receive news from our platform. In case you do not want to receive more letters from us, you can unsubscribe easily.

5. How can I book a ticket?

The online ticketing is available for international bus lines. Simple steps find here:
How to book a ticket by your computer
How to book a ticket by your phone
How to book a ticket by android application

6. What are the Payment Methods?

Ticket can be paid by:
  • Payment card: If you chose Payment card, you will be redirected to our payment processor (eMS Portal). Enter the card details to finish your booking. Please be aware that Ticket prices are available in three currencies: RSD, EUR and CHF, however the default currency is set in RSD in line with Serbian rules. Therefore, the final amount at the payment processor (eMS Portal) is always indicated in RSD - regardless of your currency settings. Soon you will receive the notification about successful or unsuccessful transaction from Payment Processor and confirmation e-mail from Polazak. 
  • Payment slip: If you chose Payment Slip, you will receive the payment instruction and slip sample by e-mail. To finish booking successfully, the payment needs to be done within 72 hours. Please don`t forget to submit your payment confirmation not later than 24h before your departure! THIS PAYMENT OPTION IS AVAILABLE ONLY FOR RESIDENTS IN SERBIA VIA THE NETWORK OF POST OFFICE OUTLETS OF SERBIAN POST!

7.  Can I choose a seat on the bus?

In the process of ticket buying, you can see the field "Notice". Here you can leave a request for desirable seat and it will be passed to the operator. If possible, we will meet your request.

8. What does it mean the notification “BLOCKED SALE”?

If you notice the inactive icon Shopping Cart in the timetable, check the date of the departure. The ticket can be booked at least 24 hours before the departure. 

9. Why I can't see the ticket price? 

We don't have the ticket price information, unless we sell it. Unfortunately, not all the tickets are available online, yet. However, our goal is to make all the tickets simply available online and we work on it 

10. Do I have to print the ticket?

According to our Terms of Use, the traveler needs to print the ticket and show it during the ticket control (while entering a bus or any other operator’s control).

11. What documents I need to take with me for ticket control?

During the ticket control, you need to show the printed ticket and personal document (ID or passport).

12. Can I cancel the journey and get back the money?

In case of journey cancelling, you need to send the cancelling request on rezervacije@polazak.com. 
If you give up on journey more than 48 hours before the departure, you will be refunded 80% of ticket value. If you give up on journey less than 48 hours before the departure, the ticket is considered as used. More details about the Terms of use find here.

13. How can I complain for the service?

Each user of Polazak has the right to give a compliant. The general compliant about our web site service, Android application, the timetable or other data given by Polazak, the users can send us by filling a Contact form or to info@polazak.com
For more information in case of compliant, you can contact us on +381 63 471 119.
If this wasn’t helpful, check out our Terms of use or Contact us.
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