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Our Stations website provides address and contact data of each registered bus station listed by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The virtual display demonstrates also the capability of our IT system which is able to provide real-time traffic data if it is connected with operator`s and station manager`s legacy system.

Find here your destination and operator with updated information on departure/arrival and platform data!

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Bus station - Vladicin Han (RS)

Nikole Tesle 17
Next departures
Operator To Via Departure
Tase Tours Surdulica 14:35
Kavim Jedinstvo Predejane Dzep 14:45
Kavim Jedinstvo Belgrade (beograd) Nis 14:50
Niš ekspres Bujanovac Leskovac 15:09
Kavim Jedinstvo Surdulica Zitorade 15:10
Kavim Jedinstvo Predejane 15:30
Pupd Janjušević Kragujevac Nis 16:00
Kavim Jedinstvo Vranje Leskovac 16:15
BS Tours Velika Plana Nis 16:15
Kavim Jedinstvo Surdulica Zitorade 16:30
Tase Tours Surdulica 16:30
Kavim Jedinstvo Vranje 16:55
Kavim Jedinstvo Ribarci Surdulica 16:55
Niš ekspres Bujanovac Nis 17:08
Niš ekspres Nis Leskovac 17:10
Kavim Jedinstvo Vranje Zitorade 17:11
Kavim Jedinstvo Belgrade (beograd) 17:30
Kavim Jedinstvo Vranje Suva Morava 17:35
Kavim Jedinstvo Vranje Gramade 17:36
Kavim Jedinstvo Nis Leskovac 18:00
Kavim Jedinstvo Surdulica Zitorade 18:00
Kavim Jedinstvo Vranje Nis 18:35
Kavim Jedinstvo Predejane Dzep 19:30
Kavim Jedinstvo Vranje Gramade 19:30
Kavim Jedinstvo Surdulica Zitorade 19:30
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