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Our Stations website provides address and contact data of each registered bus station listed by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The virtual display demonstrates also the capability of our IT system which is able to provide real-time traffic data if it is connected with operator`s and station manager`s legacy system.

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Mali Mokri Lug - Nine Kirsanove - Belgrade (Beograd) (RS)

Smederevski put bb
Next departures
Operator To Via Departure
Lasta Kaluderica 02:36
Lasta Kaluderica Lestane 03:13
GSP Beograd Vrcin Kaluderica 04:11
GSP Beograd Ritopek Kaluderica 04:11
GSP Beograd Bolec Kaluderica 04:11
GSP Beograd Vinca kod Grocke Kaluderica 04:11
Saga Trans Kaluderica 04:19
GSP Beograd Begaljica Kaluderica 04:21
GSP Beograd Ritopek Kaluderica 04:29
GSP Beograd Begaljica Kaluderica 04:36
GSP Beograd Vrcin Kaluderica 04:41
GSP Beograd Bolec Kaluderica 04:41
GSP Beograd Lestane Kaluderica 04:41
GSP Beograd Vinca kod Grocke Kaluderica 04:41
Saga Trans Kaluderica 04:44
GSP Beograd Ritopek Kaluderica 04:47
GSP Beograd Begaljica Kaluderica 04:51
GSP Beograd Lestane Kaluderica 04:55
GSP Beograd Vinca kod Grocke Kaluderica 05:01
GSP Beograd Lestane Kaluderica 05:04
GSP Beograd Begaljica Kaluderica 05:05
GSP Beograd Ritopek Kaluderica 05:06
Saga Trans Kaluderica 05:09
GSP Beograd Vrcin Kaluderica 05:11
GSP Beograd Bolec Kaluderica 05:11
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