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Our Stations website provides address and contact data of each registered bus station listed by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The virtual display demonstrates also the capability of our IT system which is able to provide real-time traffic data if it is connected with operator`s and station manager`s legacy system.

Find here your destination and operator with updated information on departure/arrival and platform data!

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Bus station - Nis (RS)

Operator To Via Departure
Galeb Ohrid Ohrid Jagodina 01:07
Kavim Jedinstvo Novi Sad Beograd (Belgrade) 01:25
Niš ekspres Mattighofen Aleksinac 01:30
Vakčare Dooel Beograd (belgrade) Jagodina 01:34
Galeb Ohrid Beograd (belgrade) Jagodina 01:34
Niš ekspres Subotica Beograd (Belgrade) 02:30
Lasta Aleksinac Leskovac 02:45
Bata Reisen Wien (vienna) Leskovac 02:45
Niš ekspres Skopje Leskovac 02:50
Niš ekspres Bujanovac Leskovac 02:50
Kanis Leskovac Krusevac 03:00
Lasta Prolom Banja Aleksinac 04:00
Niš ekspres Beograd (belgrade) Aleksinac 04:00
Čazmatrans Nova Zagreb Beograd (Belgrade) 04:00
Kavim Jedinstvo Surdulica 04:15
Kavim Jedinstvo Rajince Levosoje 04:20
Niš ekspres Sofia Pirot 04:30
Niš ekspres Dimitrovgrad Pirot 04:30
Goran Braunau Am Inn Beograd (Belgrade) 04:35
Niš ekspres Prolom Banja Prokuplje 04:45
Niš ekspres Skopje Leskovac 04:50
Niš ekspres Bujanovac Leskovac 04:50
Niš ekspres Secanica Deveti maj (9. maj) 05:15
Ćurdić Paligrace Vrtiste 05:25
Niš ekspres Pasi Poljana Gornje Medjurovo 05:25
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