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Our Stations website provides address and contact data of each registered bus station listed by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The virtual display demonstrates also the capability of our IT system which is able to provide real-time traffic data if it is connected with operator`s and station manager`s legacy system.

Find here your destination and operator with updated information on departure/arrival and platform data!

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Bus station - Kraljevo (RS)

Oktobarskih žrtava bb
Operator To Via Departure
Vulović Transport Cibukovac Mataruska Banja 14:00
Simon Voyages Beograd (belgrade) Mladenovac 14:05
Delix Tours Beograd (belgrade) Gornji Milanovac 14:20
Vulović Transport Kovaci kod Kraljeva Mataruska Banja 14:30
Lasta Beograd (belgrade) Gornji Milanovac 14:39
Vulović Transport Tavnik Milocaj 14:40
Pub Internacional Kragujevac Dragobraca 14:45
Best Komerc Bus Vrnjacka Banja Beograd (Belgrade) 14:45
Aurora Tours Sjenica Novi Pazar 14:45
Pub Internacional Cacak Samaila 14:50
Kavim Raška Beograd (belgrade) Ljig 14:50
Vulović Transport Gledic Vitanovac kod Kraljeva 15:00
Vulović Transport Stubal kod Kraljeva Vitanovac kod Kraljeva 15:00
Vulović Transport Kamenica kod Kraljeva Ribnica 15:00
Vulović Transport Dedevci Jarcujak 15:00
ATP Vulović transport Vrnjacka Banja Vrnjci 15:00
Vulović Transport Cibukovac Mataruska Banja 15:00
Vulović Transport Popovici Sirca 15:10
Vulović Transport Dragosinjci Ribnica 15:10
Vulović Transport Lazac Samaila 15:10
Autoprevoz Čačak Krusevac Trstenik 15:10
Vulović Transport Rocevici Jarcujak 15:15
Kavim Raška Kopaonik Kragujevac 15:15
Lasta Kotor Kragujevac 15:15
Sandžaktrans Beograd (belgrade) 15:25
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